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National Maritime Museum – Granaries on Ołowianka


ul. Ołowianka 9-13, Gdańsk

Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk – Blue Lamb Granary

The attractiveness of the "Blue Lamb" lies both in the exhibitions and in the interior itself.


ul. Chmielna 53, Gdańsk

Stacja Foodhall

In the heart of Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, you can discover the world of delicious street food and drinks created by the best local chefs and bartenders.



Attention : The discounts are valid monday-friday 12:00-15:00

Almond Hotel- SPA

Get to know our unique treatment offer!


Toruńska 12, 80-747 Gdańsk

PGS State Art Gallery

State Art Gallery holds about twenty-five contemporary and traditional art exhibitions each year, presenting many diverse areas of art. Seeking to show the key developments in Polish and international art, and to reach the widest possible public, the State Art Gallery works in partnership with many galleries and museums in Poland and beyond.


Plac Zdrojowy 2, Sopot

Sopot Lighthouse

The Lighthouse in Sopot is one of ten lighthouses in the Pomorskie Region and is one of the city’s most beautiful landmarks. The lighthouse was built in 1903–1904. Today, it is mainly an observation deck from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Open to tourists visitors the year round. 


plac Zdrojowy ,81-720 Sopot

Maritime Culture Centre

The main attraction of MCC is a permanent interactive room "People-Ships-Ports".


ul. Tokarska 21-25, Gdańsk

Olivia Star- Viev point

Olivia Star is 180 meters high, which makes it the tallest building of the Tri-City, ranked among the tallest buildings in Poland. Height of Olivia Star refers to the August events in Gdańsk in 1980, and the architecture of the top to the Olivia Hall adjacent to the OBC.


Al. Grunwaldzka 472 C, Gdańsk



ul. Kopernika 17 82-100 Nowy Dwór Gdański

Goyki 3 Art Incubator

Pick something! See Sopot from a bird’s eye viewVisit the beautiful, restored observation tower at the palatial park complex. Climb all the way up to admire the panorama of Sopot and spot the different species of birds living in the park.Visit the Museum of the PlaceLook into the historic basement and discover the history of the House with a ...


Jakuba Goyki 3

Vistula River Museum in Tczew

The Vistula River Museum in Tczew, branch of the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk, is dedicated to the history of sailing and boatbuilding on the River Vistula. The Vistula in the History of Poland permanent exhibition has been on display here since 2017.


ul. 30 Stycznia 4, 83-110 Tczew

National Museum in Gdańsk – Modern Art Branch ...

The branch is located in the historic Abbot Palace in Oliwa Park.


ul. Cystersów 18, Gdańsk


Holiday Boat Gdańsk

Take a cruise on a luxury catamaran and admire Gdańsk from the water's perspective!


ul. Szafarnia 8, Gdańsk

Attention : Cruises are weather dependent - we recommend phone contact for availability check

Sopot Pier

It is the longest wooden walking pier in Europe and consists of two parts: land and wooden. The land elements are mainly the Kuracyjny Square, with a historic lighthouse, arcades and a concert shell. The wooden part includes the main pier 515 m long and the lower and side decks, which enable the landing of passenger ships.


Sopot Plac Zdrojowy 2

Gdynia Naval Museum

The Naval Museum has already become a part of Gdynia’s landscape. It is hard to imagine Kościuszko Square without ORP BŁYSKAWICA‘s beautiful silhouette or the Seaside Boulevard (Bulwar Nadmorski) without the Museum’s naval weaponry outdoor exhibition. The Naval Museum is a permanent institution in the service of the community and ...


Zawiszy Czarnego, 1B 81-374 Gdynia

Museum of Gdansk – Main Town Hall

This Gothic and Renaissance building features one of the most beautiful Renaissance halls in Northern Europe.


ul. Długa 46/47, Gdańsk

MIR Gdynia Aquarium

The Gdynia Aquarium is a rather unusual zoological garden, in which all animals are bound to the aquatic environment, and in which the entire surface is enclosed in one building.


Aleja Jana Pawła II 1, 81-345 Gdynia

Gdański Bowke Restaurant

This is the place where you can feel the 200 year old harbour atmosphere, enjoy Polish cuisine and the best beverages in the city. 


ul. Długie Pobrzeże 11, 80-888 Gdańsk

  • - 20%

Experyment Science Centre in Gdynia

The Experyment Science Centre is all about interactive exhibitions and creative experimentation. Here passions and a fascination with science are born. The Centre invites one and all to discover and learn about the world. Our shows, workshops and events will get you involved, teach and entertain. We love all kinds of questions. We love science!


al. Zwycięstwa 96/98 81-451 Gdynia

National Museum in Gdańsk – Green Gate Branch ...


ul. Długi Targ 24, Gdańsk

Attention : Closed- breake between exibits

PADBOX Centrum Sportowe

PADBOX is a modern sports center whose main goal is to promote new sports in Poland, such as PADEL and PADBOL. This center was built in front of the main entrance to the Polsat Plus Arena stadium in Gdańsk.


ul Pokoleń Lechii Gdańsk 1, Gdańsk

Searcle Restaurant

At Searcle
everyone will find something for themselves and will surely want to come back to enjoy delicious food,
wonderful views, and a pleasant atmosphere.


Jerzego Waszyngtona 19, 81-342 Gdynia

Museum of Gdansk- The Water forge

Discover the solutions of the old technology!


Bytowska 1, Gdańsk

Attention : Water forge is open since 30th of April until 2nd of October 2022

Pomelo Bistro

Pomelo bistro-BAR is a place where you will get the most delicious breakfasts in Gdańsk according to TripAdvisor, and in the evening you will drink delicious cocktails, beer and eat phenomenal food!


Ogarna 121/122, Gdańsk


We warmly welcome you and appreciate your visiting the Gdańsk Zoological Garden.


ul. Karwieńska 3, Gdańsk

Attention : Open everyday!

Museum of Gdansk - Polish Post Office Museum

This is one of the spots on the map where the World War Two broke out.


pl. Obrońców Poczty Polskiej 1/2, Gdańsk

National Museum in Gdańsk – Old Art Branch

The branch presents the collections of Gdansk and Netherlander paintings, gold jewellery, pottery, as well as Gdansk and north European furniture dating back to the 16th and 18th century.


ul. Toruńska 1, Gdańsk

SIMulator GOLF

Come to us to start your adventure with golf today!


CH Manhattan, al. Grunwaldzka 82, Gdańsk

Attention : Full price list available here:

Museum of Gdansk – Museum of Amber

The visitor will learn how amber is formed, how it is extracted, what its properties are, and how it has been worked over the ages.


Wielkie Młyny 7, 80-849 Gdańsk

National Museum - New Art Museum - NOMUS

NOMUS is Poland’s youngest museum of modern art


ul. Jaracza 14, Gdańsk

Attention : TEMPORARLY CLOSED SINCE 23.10.2022

Papieroovka Cider Garden

Papieroovka Cider Garden is an enchanted garden full of cider flavors. You will find over 20 types of ciders here. The menu card is based on traditional flavors.


ul. Łąkowa 60, Gdańsk

Archaeological Museum: Sopot Stronghold

We invite you to visit the oldest settlement in Sopot, the branch of the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk.


ul. Haffnera 63, Sopot

Magiel restaurant

Looking at the Motława and green chestnut trees, you can enjoy dishes based on fresh, seasonal, mostly local products.


Toruńska 12, 80-747 Gdańsk

MIR Gdynia Aquarium

The Gdynia aquarium is a very special kind of zoo, all the animals come from aquatic habitats, and the entire aquarium fits in a single building. Fish, amphibians and reptiles live in its 130 tonnes of water. The exhibits are split up into several themes. 


Aleja Jana Pawła II 1, 81-345 Gdynia

Emigration Museum in Gdynia

The Emigration Museum is situated in the very heart of the Gdynia port, at 1 Polska Street. Here stands the historic Passenger Sea Terminal, which was erected during the interwar period. It is the only place in Poland to showcase the history of emigration from Poland.


ul. Polska 1, Gdynia

European Solidarity Centre


pl. Solidarności 1, Gdańsk

Shipwreck Conservation Centre

Built in 2016, the Shipwreck Conservation Centre in Tczew, with its Studio Warehouse, is the newest branch of Gdańsk’s National Maritime Museum. This is one of the few places in Poland...


ul. Paderewskiego 24, 83-110 Tczew

Attention : 08.04.- open 10:00-13:00 09.04-10.04 - closed

Museum of Gdansk- Museum of Gdansk Science

Discover the secrets of tower clocks!


Profesorska 3, Gdańsk

Attention : Museum is open since 30th of April until 2nd of October 2022.

Sztum Castle

Sztum castle was built in the late 14th century as a seat of local Teutonic Order authorities, as well as a hunting resicence of grand masters. Despite it was built by the Teutons, for the most part of its history it belonged to the Polish kings


Galla Anonima 16, Sztum

Gdańsk Lighthouse Nowy Port

„Lighthouses symbolise all that is best about human beings: the desire to warn of danger, the desire to save in a disaster, the desire to bring help to survivors and the desire to point to a proper way of life.”


ul. Przemysłowa 6a, Gdańsk

Mandala Float Studio

You can enjoy the free floating of the body on the surface of the water.


Rzeźnicka 2/69, Gdańsk

Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

Use the discount to buy Fast Track and Executive Lounge services at the Gdańsk Airport.


ul. Słowackiego 210, Gdańsk

Museum of Gdansk – Artus Court

The Artus Court opposite the famous Neptune fountain is nicknamed the parlour of historical Gdańsk. Here you will see the largest tiled stove of Europe; being 10.64 metres high it is lined with 530 richly adorned tiles.


ul. Długi Targ  43/44, Gdańsk

Loopy’s World Gdańsk


ul. Al. Grunwaldzka 229, Gdańsk

Museum of Gdansk – Uphagen House

A visit at the Uphagen House will take you on a journey back in time.


ul. Długa 12, Gdańsk

Attention : Closed- 08.04 - 09.04

Kwidzyn Castle

Kwidzyn Castle rises on the edge of the picturesque Vistula river valley, about forty kilometers from Malbork, in a bend of the Liwa River.The castle in Kwidzyn is one of the most valuable and beautiful historic buildings in Powiśle.


ul. Katedralna 1 Kwidzyn

Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk

The heart of the Museum is the main exhibition, occupying an area of over 5,000 square meters, which makes it one of the largest exhibitions presented by a historical museum in the world.


pl. Władysława Bartoszewskiego 1, Gdańsk

Archaeological Museum – Romanesque Cellar


ul. Pl. Dominikański 1, Gdańsk


The former Cistercian abbey in pelplin is one of the best preserved Cistercian monasteries in Europe. Its architectural layout has survived almost unchanged from the 14th century to the present day. Located in the valley of the river Wierzyca, it occupies the central part of the city (44 ha). It consists of nine facilities and smaller ensembles. Th...


Bpa Dominika 11 Pelplin


We deal with science and history, and offer a space to relax. Learning occurs through interactive exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, a mobile planetarium and special events


ul. Gradowa 6, Gdańsk

Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle is a masterpiece of defensive and residential architecture of the late Middle Ages. The largest gothic castle complex in the world with an area of ​​about 21 hectares. It is considered to be the largest brick building erected by human hands.


ul. Starościńska 1 Malbork

National Maritime Museum – Dar Pomorza

The museum-ship, mooring at the Pomorskie Quay in Gdynia, is one of the most important treasures of the Polish maritime heritage from the previous century.


u. Al. Jana Pawła II, Gdynia

River Cruise

Book a cruise on a historic passenger ship from 1975 and spend amazing time onboard.


Chmielna 3/7, 80-748 Gdańsk

ORP Błyskawica museum ship, branch of the Nav ...

The only Allied ship that took an active part throughout the whole of WW2 – from the 1st of September 1939 to the 8th of May 1945. ORP BŁYSKAWICA was the most powerful destroyer of her...


Aleja Jana Pawła II, 81-345 Gdynia

Attention : ORP Błyskawica is closed for tourists during winter!

Kayak tour in Gdansk

Take a kayaking trip and see Gdansk from a different angle! Take a look at the Crane, high five with Sołdek, see the old fortifications and discover places you cannot reach on foot


ul. Dokowa1, Gdańsk

Museum of Gdansk - Guardhouse No. 1 on Wester ...

Guardhouse No. 1 was one of the key links in the chain of the Polish defence during II World War.


ul. Mjr. H. Sucharskiego 70, Gdańsk

Attention : Open during high season (May - September)

AmberSky Gdańsk

An enormous ferris wheel allows the residents and visitors to catch sight of a new landscape


Wyspa Ołowianka, Gdańsk


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Gdynia City Museum

The Gdynia City Museum is a place to showcase Gdynia’s past and to exchange ideas, experiences and dreams between generations. Dozens of thousands of items: photographs, postcards, documents on public life, posters, plans, maps and works of art in the Museum’ collection are a source of knowledge about the past and present life of the ci...


Zawiszy Czarnego 1, Gdynia

Gallery of Old Toys

In the Old Toys Gallery, you can admire a unique collection, which is the result of many years of searching.


ul. Piwna 19/21, Gdańsk

National Maritime Museum- Granaries on Ołowianka Island

The main exhibition visiting route in the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk leads through the interior of three historic granaries.


ul. Ołowianka 9-13, Gdańsk

Pomorskie Tours - discover Pomorskie with us in one day

Take advantage of the Pomorskie Tours offer and discover the beauty of the region with a 10% discount.


Gdańsk, Brama Wyżynna Wały Jagiellońskie 2a

Playground Arena


Pokoleń Lechii Gdańsk 1, 80-001 Gdańsk

  • - 20%

Hard Rock Cafe

Our food is the number one reason for your visit to Hard Rock Cafe Gdansk. Enjoy freshly prepared American cuisine and classic favorites like our Legendary® Burger. Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients to create culinary perfection for every guest.


ul. Długi Targ 35/38, Gdańsk


The reconstruction of the Ancient Amber Trading Village and the Amber Route from the Period of Roman Influence in Pruszcz Gdański is a unique sightseeing and archaeological project in all of Poland.The result of this project is an extremely interesting object where you can not only relax, but also learn about life nearly two thousand years ago.


Zastawna 8, Pruszcz Gdański

Gdansk Carousel

Decorated with the most important elements of Gdańsk architecture and landscape, the Gdańsk Carousel is a delightful symbol of the city.


Targ Rybny, Gdańsk

National Maritime Museum - Sołdek ship

The unique treasure of naval engineering, the world’s only steam-powered coal and ore carrier preserved until today.


ul. Ołowianka 9-13, Gdańsk

National Museum - Ethnography Branch

The museum shows artefacts reflecting the material, social and spiritual culture of such ethnic minorities as the Kashubia and Kociewska cultures or those from the area of the Tuchola Forest, the Lower Powiśle and the Żuławy Wiślane.


ul. Cystersów 19, Gdańsk

The Old Kitchen Restaurant

We gave the Old Kitchen a different dimension. We have nourished the place and the memory.


ul. Kieturakisa 1, 80-742 Gdańsk